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AIMI Dataset Index

A community-driven resource of health AI datasets for machine learning in healthcare


Stanford AIMI

The Stanford Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging (AIMI) manages a public imaging data repository. This collection features curated and annotated clinical imaging data spanning various modalities, such as echocardiograms, brain CT-scans, MRI, radiographs, and ultrasounds. The data originates from several institutions, including Stanford Health Care, Stanford Children’s Hospital, the University Healthcare Alliance, and Packard Children's Health Alliance clinics. All datasets in this repository are earmarked for research use and are facilitated by the Stanford Medicine Research Data Repository (STARR).

Data Source: Stanford Medical Center
Number of Sources: Single
Population #: Various
Population Unit: pediatric/adults
Population Representation: brain tumor, coronary calcification, chest pathologies, thyroid disease, extremities radiogaphs, knee pathology
Longitudinal Observations: No
Accessibility: Clickthrough license
Permitted Uses: Both
Fees: Free
Data Types: Medical Imaging
Funding Source: Stanford AIMI Center
Documentation url: View Documentation »
Main url: Visit site »